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From the day I purchased my first camera I was hooked. At the time I was a competitive snowboarder and a qualified snowboard coach, so back then taking photos was just a way to capture the experiences I was having. Whatever the conditions, the camera was always in my backpack and I quickly developed a real passion for taking photos. I managed to get a few photos published in NZ Snowboarder Magazine and the Japan Transworld Snowboard Magazine. This recognition ignited the spark to start sharing my photos and taking my photography more seriously.


I don't think I could classify a certain type of photography I'm most into. I just like to make the most of wherever I am and capture the moment. Back when I was living in places like Wanaka and Methven and coming from a snowboarding background I was all about the mountains, but now I can happily hang at the beach for hours waiting for that shot. ​


I am currently living in Whangamata and working as a construction manager. I manage my spare time around Surfing, travelling, Snowboarding and shooting photos. ​


Beyond my framed prints, I am available for photo shoots for Surfing, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking and more. If that peaks your interest, get in touch by email. Always open to new ideas and having a chat. ​


Thanks for taking time to check out my website. ​



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